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Hair Transplant In Turkey


What Is Hair Transplantation?

Currently, many people face the problem of hair loss for various reasons. Hair loss can occur due to reasons such as unbalanced nutrition, stress, health problems in general. Hair loss, especially called masculine hair loss and causing baldness, seriously bothers people. 

Hair transplantation methods are methods that provide permanent solutions to people throughout their lives. For this reason, the probability of hair loss again after performing any of the hair transplantation methods is very low. In this direction, it is possible to express easily that people who apply hair transplantation methods will not regret it. In addition, after hair transplantation procedures, your hair has a natural appearance. 

What are the techniques used in hair transplantation?

There is more than one technique used in hair transplantation. These techniques are FUE hair transplantation, DHI hair transplantation, FUT hair transplantation, non-surgical hair transplantation, unshaven hair transplantation. It is possible to detail the hair transplantation techniques in question as follows. 

FUE hair transplantation

FUE hair transplantation is the most commonly used technique in hair transplantation operations. FUE hair transplantation, which began to be applied as Follicular Unit Extraction in 2002, is also carried out by removing hair follicles from the nape area of people with baldness problems one by one to the balding area. The fact that hair follicles can be collected without incisions being created in the donor area prevents any traces from remaining in the area. In this way, faster healing occurs after FUE hair transplantation than other hair transplantation methods.

DHI hair transplantation 

A new technique, the DHI method, is a method that can be applied to all people who have hair loss problems for various reasons. DHI hair transplantation method is also known as the pen technique, which is performed with the Choi Pen tool. After extraction of hair grafts, conducted one by one from the donor zone to the receiving area, implantation of the follicles in the receiving area is carried out without creating incision canals. Coupled with a local anesthetic without injection needle, this method makes the operation more comfortable and painless for the patient.

The most important advantage of the DHI hair transplantation method is that the hair follicles are not kept in the external environment for a long time. In this way, hair follicles are prevented from dying. In addition, since a special tool is used in Dhi transplantation, the doctor can act much more comfortably during the hair transplantation process.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation

In all the above-mentioned methods of hair transplantation, the area where hair transplantation will be performed is shaved. But since the name can also be understood in the method of unshaven hair transplantation, shaving is not applied to the area where hair transplantation will be performed. The method of unshaven hair transplantation is a method that has recently been heavily preferred by people. Different techniques can be used depending on which area hair transplantation will be performed. After the operation, the technique of unshaven hair transplantation, in which patients feel much better, is usually applied to the areas of the temple and front line. 

As can be understood from the name of unshaven hair transplantation, it means that no shaving process is performed in the region. Full unshaven hair transplantation can be applied together with the FUE technique and DHI technique. 

The most important feature of the unshaven hair transplantation method compared to other methods is that the recovery time is faster and the person can return to their daily life much more comfortably. After unshaven hair transplantation, the crust and redness on the skin pass within about 10 days. People do not want it to be understood by people around them that they have had a hair transplant. It is possible to store that hair transplantation has been performed with the method of unshaven hair transplantation. In addition, if there are any surgical scars on the scalp, people can store these scars.

What Are The Advantages Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation methods have many advantages. It is possible to explain these benefits as follows. 

* Hair transplantation is a method that gives results in a short time. Like other hair treatments, there is no need to wait long to achieve success. 

* Hair transplantation method solves hair problems in a wide area. 

* The hair transplant method is used even for hair loss, where other hair treatment methods cannot be applied, ensuring that the hair has a healthy appearance. 

* Hair transplantation method creates a very natural appearance. 

* Hair transplantation is a very suitable method for both women and men. 

* There is no chance that the hair planted in the hair transplantation method will fall out again. For this reason, it is not necessary to repeat the successful hair transplantation operation.

Before and after Hair Transplantation

Since hair transplantation is a surgical operation, some points need to be considered before and after. It is possible to explain these points as follows. 

Bath, pool, sea, and sauna should not be entered for 1 month after the operation.

• Hair should not be washed for the first 3 days after hair transplantation operation. On the 3rd day, you should wash your hair with a special shampoo and lotion. Hair should be washed every day for 8 days after the first 3 days. In this way, the hair will grow much healthier. In addition, 80% of redness in the area is observed to decrease after the 8th wash.

* Hair loss occurs in the 3rd week after hair transplantation operation. These spills indicate that the operation was successful.