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Laser Hair Treatment


Laser Hair Treatment

Laser Hair Treatment is usually the preferred practice of patients who are afraid of the injection process performed in Mesotherapy and PRP treatments. The device used in laser application is a laser application system with a fairly low dose of diode Rays. During the application, the patient’s comfort also quiet spots, and he can perform hair treatment with a laser, even when reading his book or newspaper if he wants.

How is hair treatment performed with a laser?

Thanks to this system in our clinic, it is possible to strengthen the thinned hair and stop this problem by slowing down people with hair loss problems. Hair treatment with “Sunetics laser” is a very suitable technology for both men and women who have problems with hair loss, thinning, and loss. Laser beams continuously applied from 107 separate points to the skin with hair from inside the laser dish used in this application completely scan this area and reach the hair follicles. As a result of scientific research, a low dose of laser rays given to the scalp allows the follicles in the area to grow much faster and healthier. This application, called Cosmetic Laser, is suitable and safe for use in both men and women. The average rate of new hair Development found in clinical trials varies depending on the pathology but is about 40%.

Application without any side effects can be preferred easily and safely.

Why Does Hair Fall Out?

“Dihydrotestosterone”, also known as DHT, causes hair follicles to stop producing plump, healthy, vibrant hair. Follicles that cannot produce hair become clogged with cellular waste products and other substances over time and completely die.

Every day, up to 100 hair loss occurs from the head lesson. A condition in which hair loss exceeds this number is called hair loss. Many causes lead to hair loss.

Some causes of hair loss include:

* Age progression

* Genetic predisposition

* Hormonal changes

* Some diseases such as Lupus and diabetes

• Malnutrition

* Chemotherapy side effects

• Stress

Hair loss is a serious health problem both in the world and in our country. Some treatments for this health problem have been produced.

Some treatments that can be applied for hair loss include:

* Drug therapy (minoxidil and finasteride)

• Hair transplantation (hair transplant surgery)

* Laser treatment for hair loss

In addition to these treatment approaches, there are also many options. In our article, you will find all the details about laser treatment for hair loss.

Why Does Hair Become Scarce?

Hair follicles in our scalp produce 2-4 hairs. Stress, genetic factors, pregnancy, breastfeeding, chemotherapy, DHT hormone, various vitamin, and mineral deficiencies reduce the number of hair produced by these follicles. Over time, it weakens what’s left, causing them to thin.

Who Is Hair Laser ( Sunetics ) Suitable For?

The first and most important stage is the interview for the treatment plan created and monitored by your doctor. All men and women who have seen thinning, shedding, damage to their hair are suitable for Laser Hair Treatment. In addition, laser treatment also increases the success of hair transplantation in cases where hair transplantation has been performed.

WhenDo Post-Application Results Start To Appear?

Within 2- 4 months, significant improvement begins, and over time the effect of application increases. Some research has been done on the results of laser treatment for hair. According to the data obtained as a result of these studies, the results of laser treatment for hair loss are not consistent with each other.

This result means that while hair laser treatment is effective in some people, it has not worked in some people.

More data is needed about laser therapy used to treat hair loss. Two studies in recent years have suggested that this treatment may be widely used in the future.

According to a 2013 study:

The study involved 41 men.

Males range in age from 18 to 48.

Laser treatment for hair loss was applied for 16 weeks.

A 39% increase in the amount of hair was determined by the study conducted at the end of this period.

According to a 2014 study, low-level laser therapy can be used safely in both men and women. In this study, it was shown that using laser therapy for hair loss is effective.