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Teeth Coating in Turkey


Teeth Coating

Zirconium is an alloy used as a substitute for the infrastructure of the tooth, porcelain Bridge, and bridge prosthesis. Patients with various disorders, yellows, and wear on their teeth may often prefer zirconium teeth. 

Zirconium teeth are often used for aesthetic purposes. If a positive result cannot be achieved by methods such as teeth whitening, wire, filling, or canal treatment, the natural tooth image is obtained thanks to zirconium teeth. 

Zirconium is a material compatible with dental tissue. In this way, problems such as gum withdrawal or bruising of the gums are not encountered.

How Is Zirconium Dental Operation Performed? 

Before zirconium dental application, our doctor and patient meet face-to-face. An operation planning is created in accordance with the patient’s expectations. 

In zirconium tooth coating, tooth cutting is performed and tooth sizes are transferred to the virtual environment via three-dimensional scanners. If there is any inflammation in the teeth, antibiotic therapy is first applied. After eliminating inflammation, temporary teeth are inserted until zirconium teeth are prepared. After zirconium teeth are prepared, the teeth are placed in the patient’s gums. 

Healing Process After Zirconium Tooth Operation

Tenderness and whining may occur in your teeth for the first 1 week after zirconium tooth surgery. In addition, on the first day, you may feel throbbing in your mouth and compulsion when opening your mouth. Pain and inflammation may occur after zirconium dental treatment. For this, you should use the medications recommended by your doctor. After the operation, you can return to your normal life within the same day. 

What Should Be Considered After Zirconium Dental Surgery?

Liquid Consumption

Zirconium should not drink water after at least 6 hours after dental operations. Otherwise, tooth whining may occur. 

Drug Use

If zirconium is mild after dental aesthetics, some pain will occur. Be sure to use the medications recommended by your doctor.


After zirconium dental surgery, you should minimize smoking to avoid yellowing and leaks in your teeth, or even never smoke. 

Food Consumption

After zirconium dental aesthetics, you can eat easily. But for the first 1 Week, you may feel some differences in your teeth. Over time, this feeling will normalize.


As with all dental aesthetics operations, care should be taken for oral and dental hygiene after zirconium dental surgery. According to your doctor’s advice, you should do your oral hygiene.

Laminate veneers are porcelain leaflets of a fairly thin structure that are glued to the front faces of the teeth. A laminate veneer can usually be applied without interfering with the teeth, that is, without cutting the teeth, by roughening up to 0.3 mm. 

A laminate veneer is a type of aesthetic that is applied for teeth to have a natural dental appearance. Laminate veneer operation is very successful aesthetically. 

If you are not satisfied with the color and size of your teeth, one of the best methods you can choose is laminate veneer operation. 

How Is Laminate Veneer Operation Performed? 

Before the Laminate veneer operation, the patient’s expectations are learned and planning is carried out in this direction. Before designing Laminate veneer, your doctor shapes the front surface of your teeth and makes the teeth to be applied laminate veneer. 

After preparing your teeth with a tool called milling, the laminate coating is placed on the top of the teeth. After this stage, the size of the teeth is taken. Laminate coatings prepared according to your teeth are placed on your teeth and the laminate veneer operation process is completed. 

What Should Be Considered Before Laminate Veneer Operation?

You do not need to be in any preparation before the operation. Laminate veneer operation is a fairly easy process, as there will be no such situation as cutting or pulling your teeth.

Healing Process After Laminate Veneer Operation

After a Laminate veneer operation, you will not encounter a long healing process. On the contrary, as soon as you leave our clinic, you can return to your social life. But you may experience mild pain and whining. In this case, you can use the painkillers recommended by your doctor.

What Is A Complete Ceramic Tooth?

Complete ceramic coatings are coatings used to eliminate tooth damage such as decay, cracking, and breakage. In the infrastructure of full ceramic dental coatings, which are in the area of interest of Aesthetic Dentistry, there are reinforced porcelain or porcelain that is completely blocked.  A complete ceramic tooth, which is the most commonly used method of Aesthetic Dentistry, is preferred to correct dental structure disorders. 

The biggest advantage of a full ceramic tooth is that it continues to maintain its aesthetic appearance, even if the gums recede. After planning an operation in accordance with the wishes and expectations of the patient, if any, caries teeth are cleaned. Then, the preparation process is started by measuring the existing teeth for a complete ceramic tooth. 

Temporary teeth are inserted into the patient until full ceramic teeth are prepared. Because the formation of cavities in the gums can lead to whining and germ capture. 

After complete ceramic teeth are prepared, temporary teeth found in the patient are removed and newly prepared ceramic teeth are inserted. For the teeth to adapt to the gums, various corrections are made. As a result of this process, the complete ceramic tooth operation is terminated.