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Tooth Extraction in Turkey



What Is Tooth Extraction?


Simple tooth extraction is the name given to a technique used to pull teeth that appear in the mouth when the patient is under the influence of local anesthesia. 

Why Is The Tooth Pulled?

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove teeth in adult individuals. Although it is ideal to use adult teeth that replace baby teeth in childhood for life, tooth extraction may be required for more than one reason. 

Among these causes, the most common is that the teeth are too damaged to be repaired due to trauma or decay. 

In addition, dentists may consider tooth extraction appropriate for preliminary preparation in the mouth, especially in cases requiring orthodontic treatment where there are a large number of teeth that do not fully fit into the jaw. Again, in similar cases, an embedded tooth extraction intervention can be performed for teeth that have not risen above the gum, or for teeth that are 20 years old. 

If tooth decay or damage has spread to the pulp of the tooth, the nucleus consisting of nerves and blood vessels located in the tooth, bacteria in the mouth can enter here and cause infection.

This can usually be corrected with root canal treatment, but tooth extraction may be required to prevent the spread of the infection if the infection is too severe and antibiotics or root canal treatment are not sufficient.

If the immune system is at risk from another medical complication, even the risk of infection in the tooth may be sufficient reason to attract the tooth.

Periodontal (gum) disease. If the teeth are loose due to periodontal disease, that is, gum disease, an infection of the tissues and bones that surround and support the teeth, it may be necessary to pull one or more teeth.

Embedded Tooth Extraction

In cases of problems that cause the condition of the buried tooth by staying under the gum and bone structure, you can use our embedded tooth extraction services by contacting our dental clinic. One of the most important problems seen in the mouth is the buried tooth; small molars, canine teeth, and 20-year-old teeth are very serious problems that can be seen. These teeth, which cannot be intervened orthodontically, must be intervened with the surgical application. For this reason, the patient must get rid of buried teeth to have a healthier and more comfortable dental structure.

After contacting our clinic to remove buried teeth, our specialist dentists determine which applications to apply by performing a detailed examination. After the intervention, you will likely get rid of buried teeth. 

Why Is Embedded Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The variety of problems faced with dental and oral health causes patients to experience confusion about treatments. At this point, buried teeth, which are one of the most serious threats to oral and dental health, should be removed using appropriate methods. It can be mentioned that the following advantages will be obtained when applying for buried dental treatments.

* Tooth loss caused by buried teeth is prevented,

* Preventing tooth decay is provided,

* Prevents the formation of cysts and tumors in the mouth,

* Healthy sorting of your teeth is ensured,

* Bad breath and other problems are eliminated.

How Is Embedded Tooth Extraction Performed?

The stage of removal of embedded teeth located in the mouth is a very important issue. If left untreated, the buried teeth, which can negatively affect both oral health and dental health, are controlled by X-ray before they are removed. After the control procedures, tooth extraction is performed by applying local anesthesia. It should be known that surgical interventions can also be performed if some teeth remain completely under the gum.

If there is an infection in the mouth, the infection is cleaned with medication before the removal of buried teeth. In this case, during the treatment process, in which age is quite effective, more effective results are obtained in young patients. It should be stated that the recovery in old age is much longer. 

Frequently asked questions about embedded tooth extraction

Is there any pain or swelling after the removal of embedded teeth?

Due to the possibility that the tissues around the tooth may be damaged immediately after the removal of buried teeth, conditions such as swelling or bruising are likely to occur in this area. In this case, it will be useful to use painkillers recommended by our doctors.